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SoccerHelp is an innovative coaching system and philosophy based on fun and our copyrighted Practice Games which are "self-teaching" (players learn to play soccer by simply playing the Practice Games). The SoccerHelp practice method is 100% to 200% more effective than normal practices and, as a result, players learn faster. Coaches using the SoccerHelp system achieve more in 3 practices than other coaches achieve in 6 to 9 practices.

SoccerHelp Practice Games are better than drills because they involve competition and pressure, which drills don't, and better prepare players to perform under pressure in "match" conditions and at "game speed". It is one thing to perform an activity without pressure, but it is very different to perform the same activity at "game speed" and under pressure. Players improve more quickly and become better players when they practice at game-speed in match-related conditions. Most of our Practice Games are original and were developed by us; they can't be found anywhere else.

Also, coaching soccer positions, coaching soccer formations, coaching young soccer players, how to coach soccer offense and defense and the most important things to teach soccer players and soccer teams.

For Free No Lines Soccer Drills and 400 pages of free information, visit . If you use the SoccerHelp No Lines Drills, your players will improve twice as fast, guaranteed. There are 1,000 Testimonials for the SoccerHelp training program. Your players will play better, have more fun, and develop strong fundamental skills.

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